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6月英语六级阅读真题及答案(卷一)1  Recentresearchhasclaimedthatanexcessofpositiveionsintheaircanhaveanilleffectonp下面是小编为大家整理的2023年6月英语六级阅读真题及答案卷一3篇,供大家参考。



  Recent research has claimed that an excess of positive ions in the air can have an ill effect on people‘s physical or psychological health. What are positive ions? Well, the air is full of ions, electrically charged particles, and generally there is a rough balance between the positive and the negative charged. But sometimes this balance becomes disturbed and a larger proportion of positive ions are found. This happens naturally before thunderstorm, earthquakes when winds such as the Mistral, Hamsin or Sharav are blowing in certain countries. Or it can be caused by a build-up of static electricity indoors from carpets or clothing made of man-made fibres, or from TV sets, duplicators or com*r display screens.

  When a large number of positive ions are present in the air many people experience unpleasant effects such as headaches, fatigue, irritability, and some particularly sensitive people suffer nausea or even mental disturbance. Animals are also affected, particularly before earthquakes, snakes have been observed to come out of hibernation, rats to flee from their burrows, dogs howl and cats jump about unaccountably. This has led the US Geographical Survey to fund a network of volunteers to watch animals in an effort to foresee such disasters before they hit vulnerable areas such as California.

  Conversely, when large numbers of negative ions are present, then people have a feeling of well-being. Natural conditions that produce these large amounts are near the sea, close to waterfalls or fountains, or in any place where water is sprayed, or forms a spray. This probably accounts for the beneficial effect of a holiday by the sea, or in the mountains with tumbling streams or waterfalls.

  To increase the sup* of negative ions indoors, some scientists recommend the use of ionisers: small portable machines, which generate negative ions. They claim that ionisers not only clean and refresh the air but also improve the health of people sensitive to excess positive ions. Of course, there are the detractors, other scientists, who dismiss such claims and are skeptical about negative/positive ion research. Therefore people can only make up their own minds by observing the effects on themselves, or on others, of a negative rich or poor environment. After all it is debatable whether depending on seismic readings to anticipate earthquakes is more effective than watching the cat.

  1.What effect does exceeding positive ionization have on some people?

  A.They think they are insane.

  B.They feel rather bad-tempered and short-fussed.

  C.They become violently sick.

  D.They are too tired to do anything.

  2.In accordance with the passage, static electricity can be caused by___.

  A.using home-made electrical goods.

  B.wearing clothes made of natural materials.

  C.walking on artificial floor coverings.

  D.copying TV programs on a com*r.

  3.A high negative ion count is likely to be found___.

  A.near a pound with a water pump.

  B.close to a slow-flowing river.

  C.high in some barren mountains.

  D.by a rotating water sprinkler.

  4.What kind of machine can generate negative ions indoors?




  D.Vacuum pumps.

  5.Some scientists believe that___.

  A.watching animals to anticipate earthquakes is more effective than depending on seismography.

  B.the unusual behavior of animals cannot be trusted.

  C.neither watching nor using seismographs is reliable.




  Is it possible to persuade mankind to live without war? War is an ancient institution, which has existed for at least six thousand years. It was always bad and usually foolish, but in the past human race managed to live with it. Modern ingenuity has changed this. Either man will abolish war, or war will abolish man. For the present, it is nuclear weapons that cause the most serious danger, but bacteriological or chemical weapons may, before long, offer an even greater threat. If we succeed in abolishing nuclear weapons, our work will not be done. It will never be done until we have succeeded in abolishing war. To do this, we need to persuade mankind to look upon international questions in a new way, not as contests of force, in which the victory goes to the side which is most skillful in killing people, but by arbitration in accordance with agreed principles of law. It is not easy to change very old mental habits, but this is what must be attempted.

  There are those who say that the adoption of this or that ideology would prevent war. I believe this to be a big error. All ideologies are based upon dogmatic statements that are, at best, doubtful, and at worst, totally false. Their adherents believe in them so fanatically that they are willing to go to war in support of them.

  The movement of world opinion during the past few years has been very largely such as we can welcome. It has become a commonplace that nuclear war must be avoided. Of course very difficult problems remain in the world, but the spirit in which they are being approached is a better one than it was some years ago. It has begun to be thought, even by the powerful men who decide whether we shall live or die, that negotiations should reach agreements even if both sides do not find these agreements wholly satisfactory. It has begun to be understood that the important conflict nowadays is not between different countries, but between man and the atom bomb.

  1. This passage implies that war is now ___.

  A. worse than in the past.

  B. as bad as in the past

  C. not so dangerous as in the past

  D. as necessary as in the past

  2. In the sentence “To do this, we need to persuade mankind” (Para 1), “this” refers to ___.

  A. abolish war

  B. improve weapons

  C. solve international problems

  D. live a peaceful life

  3. From Paragraph 2 we learn that the author of the passage ___.

  A. is an adherent of some modern ideologies.

  B. does not think that adoption of any ideology could prevent war.

  C. believe that the adoption of some ideology could prevent war.

  D. does not doubt the truth of any ideologies.

  4. According to the author, ___.

  A. war is the only way to solve international dis*s.

  B. war will be less dangerous because of the improvement of weapons.

  C. it is impossible for the people to live without war.

  D. war must be abolished if man wants to survive.

  5. The last paragraph suggests that ___.

  A. international agreements can be reached more easily now.

  B. man begins to realize the danger of nuclear war.

  C. nuclear war will definitely not take place.

  D. world opinion welcomes nuclear war


  1-5 AABDB





  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2. 旗袍(qipao)是一种雅致的*服装,源于*的满族(Manchu Nationality)。在清代,旗袍是王室女性穿着的宽松长袍。上世纪 20 年代,受西方服饰影响,旗袍发生了一些变化。袖口(cuffs)变窄,袍身变短。这些变化使女性美得以充分展现。



  1. 第一句有两个谓语动词“是一种……”及“源于……”,可将前者处理为英文句子的谓语成分,后者作“服装”的后置定语,形式既可用非谓语动词(originating from)也可用定语从句(that originates from...)。

  2. 第二句可以处理成一个定语从句,主干是“旗袍是长袍”,“王室女性穿着的”是修饰长袍的定语。用非谓语动词作定语,“旗袍”和“穿”是被动关系,因此用过去分词形式。

  3. 第三句的“发生变化”可以用 undergo changes 这个搭配。“受西方服饰的影响”可以用分词作状语的结构 influenced by...,也可以处理成 due to the influence of...。

  4. 第二段都是体现旗袍重要性的一些短句子,如逐一翻译,译文会显得比较松散,可以使用一些结构或词语将它们衔接起来,比如 not only... but also..., moreover, even 等。


























  Some futurologists have assumed that the vast upsurge (剧增) of women in the workforce mayportend a rejection of marriage. Many women, according to this hypothesis, would ratherwork than marry. The converse (反面) of this concern is that the prospects of becoming amulti-paycheck household could encourage marriages. In the past, only the earnings andfinancial prospects of the man counted in the marriage decision. Now, however, the earningability of a woman can make her more attractive as a marriage partner. Data show thateconomic downturns tend to postpone marriage because the parties cannot afford to establisha family or are concerned about rainy days ahead. As the economy rebounds, the number ofmarriages also rises.

  Coincident with the increase in women working outside the home is the increase in divorcerates. Yet, it may be wrong to jump to any simple cause-and-effect conclusions. The impact ofa wife’s work on divorce is no less cloudy than its impact on marriage decisions. The realizationthat she can be a good provider may increase the chances that a working wife will choosedivorce over an unsatisfactory marriage. But the reverse is equally plausible. Tensionsgrounded in financial problems often play a key role in ending a marriage. Given highunemployment, inflationary problems, and slow growth in real earnings, a working wife canincrease household income and relieve some of these pressing financial burdens. By raising afamily’s standard of living, a working wife may strengthen her family’s financial andemotional stability.

  Psychological factors also should be considered. For example, a wife blocked from a careeroutside the home may feel caged in the house. She may view her only choice as seeking adivorce.

  On the other hand, if she can find fulfillment through work outside the home, work andmarriage can go together to create a stronger and more stable union.

  Also, a major part of women’s inequality in marriage has been due to the fact that, in mostcases, men have remained the main breadwinners. With higher earning capacity and statusoccupations outside of the home comes the capacity to exercise power within the family. Aworking wife may rob a husband of being the master of the house. Depending upon how thecouple reacts to these new conditions, it could create a stronger equal partnership or it couldcreate new insecurities.


  26. The word “portend” (Line 2, Para. 1) is closest in meaning to “________”.

  A) defy

  B) signal

  C) suffer from

  D) result from(B)

  27. It is said in the passage that when the economy slides, ________.

  A) men would choose working women as their marriage partners

  B) more women would get married to seek financial security

  C) even working women would worry about their marriages

  D) more people would prefer to remain single for the time being(D)

  28. If women find fulfillment through work outside the home, ________.

  A) they are more likely to dominate their marriage partners

  B) their husbands are expected to do more housework

  C) their marriage ties can be strengthened

  D) they tend to put their career before marriage(C)

  29. One reason why women with no career may seek a divorce is that ________.

  A) they feel that they have been robbed of their freedom

  B) they are afraid of being bossed around by their husbands

  C) they feel that their partners fail to live up to their expectations

  D) they tend to suspect their husbands’ loyalty to their marriage(A)

  30. Which of the following statements can best summarize the author’s view in thepassage?

  A) The stability of marriage and the divorce rate may reflect the economic situation of thecountry.

  B) Even when economically independent, most women have to struggle for real equality inmarriage.

  C) In order to secure their marriage women should work outside the home and remainindependent.

  D) The impact of the growing female workforce on marriage varies from case to case.


  26. B 27. D 28. C 29. A 30. D




  A painter hangs his or her finished pictures on a wall, and everyone can see it. A composer writes a work, but no one can hear it until it is performed. Professional singers and players have great responsibilities, for the composer is utterly dependent on them. A student of music needs as long and as arduous a training to become a performer as a medical student needs to become a doctor. Most training is concerned with technique, for musicians have to have the muscular proficiency of an athlete or a ballet dancer. Singers practice breathing every day, as their vocal chords would be inadequate without controlled muscular support. String players practice moving the fingers of the left hand up and down, while drawing the bow to and fro with the right arm—two entirely different movements.

  Singers and instruments have to be able to get every note perfectly in tune. Pianists are spared this particular anxiety, for the notes are already there, waiting for them, and it is the piano tuner’s responsibility to tune the instrument for them. But they have their own difficulties; the hammers that hit the string have to be coaxed not to sound like percussion, and each overlapping tone has to sound clear.

  This problem of getting clear texture is one that confronts student conductors: they have to learn to know every note of the music and how it should sound, and they have to aim at controlling these sound with fanatical but selfless authority.

  Technique is of no use unless it is combined with musical knowledge and understanding. Great artists are those who are so thoroughly at home in the language of music that they can enjoy performing works written in any century.





  My View on Delaying Retirement Age

  Nowadays, Delay retirement age is the hot spot of people’s attention. Whether to delay retirement or not is related to everyone"s vital interests. It’s also a major policy decision of our country. The latest regulation of Delay Retirement Age of 2013: will set a few years grace period to promote delay retirement gradually. Some people agree this decision, but more people don’t agree. These two kinds of attitude have a great contrast. In my view, we should take this view into two sides.


  On the one hand, the laborer is the majority in our country, so most people don’t agree delay retirement is reasonable. Some workers hard work a lifetime but has no rest, they have no legal holiday; they have to work every day. They think delaying retirement age is unreasonable and unfair. What they want most is retirement early, because they don’t have good work situation and they work ability is limited. And, they may don’t have healthy body when they get older. Some jobs don’t need the olds, those jobs have more request for age and physical condition. So they think to stay on the job is not appropriate for them, because they couldn’t do more contribution for the job.


  the other hand, for those who are highly educated talents should delay retirement to prevent the waste of talent resources. In our country, Dr’s Average age was 30 to begin work. Relative to those who work in less than 20 workers, they have shorter work life a lot. The different nature of work, should not retire at the same time. Like Dr, they are talent, they are highly skilled, and they have high professional qualification. They delay retirement is not only beneficial to the state, but also use their intelligence fully.


  From what has been discussed above, the Delay retirement age is the Trend of The Times. We need to stand on a different worker"s perspective on the issue. There are two sides and two kinds of different sounds of this major decision. It still needs to continue to improve.




  高考,即全国高等教育入学考试(National Higher Education Entrance Examination),是*大陆最有影响力的考试之一。合格的高中毕业生和具有同等学力(educational level)的学生每年可以参加一次考试。学生必考的(mandatory)科目为语文、数学和外语—通常是英语,不同的省份的考试试卷各不相同。高考非常具有权威性,几乎所有大学都根据高考分数录取学生,因此,很多*人把高考看作是决定人生的关键事务。近年来,人们越发关注高考体制,提出各种改革高考的建议。专家称改革高考录取制度是改革的根本。


  College entrance examination, also known as National Higher Education Entrance Examination, is one of the most influential examinations in mainland China. Qualified senior high school graduates and students with the same educational level can take the exam once a year. The three mandatory subjects are Chinese, Mathematics and foreign language—usually English and the test papers vary from province to province. College entrance examination is so authoritative that almost all the admissions made by the universities are based on students" scores in the exam. Therefore, many Chinese regard it as a critical event in their life. In recent years, people pay more attention to the college entrance examination system and various proposals about its reform have been put forward. Experts claim that the fundamental reform of the examination lies in the university admission system.




  Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 mimites to write an essay based on the chart below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the chart and comment on China " s achievements in higher education. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


  The bar chart above explicitly demonstrates that the gross en rollment ratio in universities in China,according to the data from Ministry of Education,has increased dramatically from 3.4% in 1990 to 51. 6% in 2019. Obviously,the past thirty years have witnessed China "s great achievements in higher educa- tion.

  Firstly,higher education in China has become approachable to most Chinese citizens. This is partly due to the fact that Chi na "s economy has been developing at a marvelous speed,but also because Chinese government has launched a wide range of favorable policies to support rural students to get admitted to colleges. Moreover,the quality of China s universities has showed a marked improvement. Now,several seats of learning in China are among the top universities world-wide,and every year they draw numerous foreign students to come to China for higher education. Besides,Chinese government and a mass of big enterprises have been investing heavily into upgrading the campus sites,introducing the most advanced equipments,and increasing the faculty s salaries.

  In all,the China s achievements in higher education are re markable. I believe that this trend will surely continue,and will in turn benefit our great country.


  Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 mimites to write an essay based on the graph below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the graph and comment on China "s achievements in urbanization. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


  The chart above displays the progress of urbanization in China over the last four decades. We can see that,in less than 40 years,the number of people in China who lived in cities had more than tripled. From 1980 to 2010,the share of urban population had grown from 19.39% to 49.96%,which was a record high worldwide.

  As far as I am concerned,China"s extraordinary urbanization has gone hand-in-hand with its economic boom. Since its reform and opening-up in 1978,China"s economy has taken off. During the past four decades,China underwent vast changes to its economic system and abundant opportunities emerged in the coastal area. As a result,people living in the rural areas came to big cities in the costal area to pursuit a better life,which speeded up the progress of urbanization.

  Urbanization,in return,contributes to the development of China"s fast-growing economy. Take,for example,the basic infrastructures in big cities. The government has invested a lot of money in buildings and facilities,which enables people to live and work in high-density in tall buildings,which greatly improvs efficiency and productivity.

  In conclusion,the urbanization in China not only enables people to enjoy a better living condition,but also lays foundations for sustainable economic growth. It is a great achievement and has far-reaching benefits.




  Directions:In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select out one word for each blank from a lot of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

  Small communities, with their distinctive character—where life is stable and intensely human—are disappearing. Some have __26____ from the face of the earth, others are dying slowly, but all have ___27___ changes as they have come into contact with an ___28___ machine civilization. The merging of diverse peoples into a common mass has produced tension among members of the minorities and the majority alike.

  The Old Order Amish, who arrived on American shores in colonial times, have ___29___ in the modern world in distinctive, small communities. They have resisted the homogenization ___30___ more successfully than others. In planting and harvest times one can see their bearded men working the fields with horses and their women hanging out the laundry in neat rows to dry. Many American people have seen Amish families with the men wearing broad-brimmed black hats and the women in long dresses. In railway or bus ___31___.Although the Amish have lived with ___32___ America for over two and a half centuries. They have moderated its influence on their personal lives, their families, communities, and their values.

  The Amish are often ___33___ by other Americans to be relics of the past who live a simple, inflexible life dedicated to inconvenient out-dated customs. They are seen as abandoning both modem ___34___ and the American dream of success and progress, But most people have no quarrel with the Amish for doing things the old-fashioned way. Their conscientious objection was tolerated in wartime. For after all. They are good farmers who ___35___ the virtues of work and thrift.

















  You stare at waterfall for a minute or two, and then shift your gaze to its surroundings. What you now see appears to drift upward.

  These optical illusions occur because the brain is constantly matching its model of reality to signals from the body’s sensors and interpreting what must be happening—that your brain must have moved, not the other; that downward motions is now normal, so a change from it must now be perceived as upward motion.

  The sensors that make this magic are of two kinds. Each eye contains about 120 million rods, which provide somewhat blurry black and white vision. These are the windows of night vision; once adapted to the dark, they can detect a candle burning ten miles away.

  Color vision in each eye comes from six to seven million structures called cones. Under ideal conditions, every cone can “see” the entire rainbow spectrum of visible colors, but one type of cone is most sensitive to red, another to green, a third to blue.

  Rods and cones send their messages pulsing an average 20 to 25 times per second along the optic nerve. We see an image for a fraction of a second longer than it actually appears. In movies, reels of still photographs are projected onto screens at 24 frames per second, tricking our eyes into seeing a continuous moving picture.

  Like apparent motion, color vision is also subject to unusual effects. When day gives way to night, twilight brings what the poet T.S. Eliot called “the violet hour.” A light levels fall, the rods become progressively less responsive. Rods are most sensitive to the shorter wavelengths of blue and green, and they impart a strange vividness to the garden’s blue flowers.

  However, look at a white shirt during the reddish light of sunset, and you’ll still see it in its “true” color—white, not red. Our eyes are constantly comparing an object against its surroundings. They therefore observe the effect of a shift in the color of illuminating on both, and adjust accordingly.

  The eyes can distinguish several million graduations of light and shade of color. Each waking second they flash tens of millions of pieces of information to the brain, which weaves them incessantly into a picture of the world around us.

  Yet all this is done at the back of each eye by a fabric of sensors, called the retina, about as wide and as thick as a postage stamp. As the Renaissance inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci wrote in wonder, “Who would believe that so small a space could contain the images of all the universe?”

  1. Visual illusions often take place when the image of reality is ___.

  A. matched to six to seven million structures called cones.

  B. confused in the body’s sensors of both rods and cones.

  C. interpreted in the brain as what must be the case.

  D. signaled by about 120 million rods in the eye.

  2. The visual sensor that is capable of distinguishing shades of color is called ___.

  A. cones

  B. color vision

  C. rods

  D. spectrum

  3. The retina send pulses to the brain ___.

  A. in short wavelengths

  B. as color pictures

  C. by a ganglion cell

  D. along the optic nerve.

  4. Twenty-four still photographs are made into a continuous moving picture just because ___.

  A. the image we see usually stays longer than it actually appears.

  B. we see an object in comparison with its surroundings.

  C. the eyes catch million pieces of information continuously.

  D. rods and cones send messages 20 to 25 times a second.

  5. The author’s purpose in writing the passage lies in ___.

  A. showing that we sometimes are deceived by our own eyes.

  B. informing us about the different functions of the eye organs.

  C. regretting that we are too slow in the study of eyes.

  D. marveling at the great work done by the retina.




——6月英语六级第七套原题及答案解析(卷七) (菁选3篇)


  1. may not benefit education as intended

  2. build an innovative image

  3. further distract students from class participation

  4. have to work harder to enliven their classes

  5. mobile technology will be more widely used in education

  6. It is proceeding with caution。

  7. facilitate students’ learning outside of class

  8. teaching or *ysis

  9. complex reasoning abilities required of good lawyers

  10. interaction



  47. exercise extraordinary power

  48. is used in the nation

  49. panic in the West

  50. foreign oil

  51. establish a stockpile of oil

  52. They don"t know what is going to happen in the future。

  53. Its initial blow to confidence far exceeded that of 1929.

  54. The government intervened effectively。

  55. To curb the fear of a lasting free fall。

  56. It has not gone from bad to worse。

  57. the sound of a forest signifies its health condition。

  58. the collapse of rain forests is caused by direct human interference。

  59. turn them into a major source of greenhouse gases

  60. Lack of rainfall resulting from global warming。

  61. Its practice of burning forests for settlement and development。


  62. 答案:terrifies 考查动词辨析。exhaust 表示“使筋疲力尽,用尽”;suppress表示“镇压,抑制”;terrify 表示“使惊吓”;disgust表示“使反感”。前文表明关于气候变暖的惊悚报道让我们感到恐惧,更糟糕的是,它吓到了我们的孩子们。

  63. 答案:depicted考查动词辨析。dismiss表示“开除,解散”;distract表示“使分心,分散”;deposit表示“储蓄,寄存”;depict表示“描绘,描述”。

  64. 答案:even though 考查连词。题考查考生对上下句关系的理解,上半句Al Gore讲述海*面上升20英尺会几乎完全淹没佛罗里达、纽约、荷兰和上海,后半句讲联合国说这种事不会发生,由此可见前后句是转折的关系,所以用even though,表示“尽管”;而as if表示“似乎”;in that表示“因为”;in case表示“以防”。

  65. 答案:estimating 考查动词。measure表示“测量,估量”;signify表示“意味,预示”;estimate表示“估计,预测”;extract表示“提取”。空格所在的句子说联合国认为淹没事件不会发生,同时预测海*面只会上升20英尺的二十分之一。

  66. 答案:Confronted 考查动词。be confronted with…为固定短语,表示“面临(困难、危险等)”。

  67. 答案:there 考查there be句型。由句中的连词and可知前后必须都是句子,表示某个现象或东西存在用there be句型。

  68. 答案:argument 考查名词。morality表示“道德,伦理”;interaction表示“相互沟通,相互作用”;argument表示“争论,辩论”;dialogue表示“对话”;文章前面两段都是在讲Al Gore与联合国不同的观点,因此这里填争论。

  69. 答案:excessively 考查副词辨析。prevalently表示“流行地,普遍地”;predictably 表示“可预言地”;expressively表示“意味深长地”;excessively表示“过度地,极度”。本句表达的意思是过度担心气候变暖意味着我们担心的其它事情会变少,而在这些事情上我们本可以做得更好。

  70. 答案:for example 考查固定短语。for example表示“例如”;in addition表示“另外,除此之外”;by contrast表示“相比之下”;in short表示“总之”;从上下文我们可以看出这句话是举例子,所以用for example。

  71. 答案:risk 考查固定短语。该题较为简单,at risk为固定短语,表示“有危险”。

  72. 答案:suffering 考查动词。suffer from表示“遭受;患……病”。

  73. 答案:Exaggeration 考查名词辨析。explanation表示“解释”;reservation表示“预约;预定”;exaggeration 表示“夸张”;revelation表示“启示”。本题显然承接上文提到的人们对于全球气候变暖这个问题过度夸张的情况。

  74. 答案:doomed 考查形容词辨析。dumped表示“废弃的”; dimmed表示“暗灰色的”;doubled表示“两倍的”;doomed表示“注定的";命定的”。这里表示人们假设如果地球的命运是注定好的,也就是说如果全球变暖这个问题是注定了的话,那么就不需要做任何事情来拯救,因为做了也没有用。

  75. 答案:majority 考查名词辨析。a majority of 表示“大多数的;mixture表示“混合”;quantity表示“质量”;quota表示“配额;限额”。

  76. 答案:worst 考查形容词辨析。前面文章一直在讲夸大全球变暖问题所带来的坏处,这里是作者想强调的最坏的代价,所以用worst。

  77. 答案:among 考查介词辨析。among表示“三者或三者以上之间”,among children表示“在孩子们当中”。

  78. 答案:extinction 考查名词辨析。separation表示“分离,分开”;sanction表示“制裁,处罚”;isolation表示“隔离,孤立”;extinction 表示“灭绝”。全球变暖只有可能会造成大量动物的灭绝,其他选项均不恰当。

  79. 答案:searching for 考查词组辨析。turn out 表示“生产;结果是”;tide over表示“克服,度过”;search for表示“寻找,搜索”;pull through表示“克服困难,渡过难关”。这里是说有些小孩子担心北极熊会灭绝,而这种担心显然对于他们来说是多余的,所以一些家长[微博]会寻找一些其他的东西来转移孩子们的注意力。

  80. 答案:to 考查介词辨析。contrary to为固定搭配,表示“与……相反”。

  81. 答案:Despite 考查介词辨析。despite表示“尽管”,后面一般跟doing;besides表示“此外,而且”;regardless of 表示“尽管,不管”;except表示“除……之外”。

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